Home Price Appreciation Forecast in Brentwood

Questions continue to come up about where home prices will head throughout the rest of this year, as well as where they may be going over the few years beyond. We’ve gathered current data from the industry’s most reliable sources to help answer these questions: The Home Price Expectation Survey – A survey of over 100 … Continued

How To Make A Long Distance Move To or From Brentwood

Even just a move across town can be stressful and overwhelming, even traumatic, and it only gets worse when you have to move a long distance. While moving to a new home can be exciting because it means starting a new chapter in your life, there’s not much most of us dread more than the … Continued

Real Estate Market Update Brentwood Ca. 94513

Dick: It’s really heating up out there, and I’m not just talking about the weather. My name is Dick Jones, a broker-owner of Dick Jones & Associates. Yes, the market is heating up, but first let’s talk about what’s happening over the last fall to the present time. Over the fall time, interest rates started…

Homeownership as an Investment in Brentwood

The Federal Reserve Bank (The Fed) recently released their 2019  Survey of Consumer Expectations Housing Survey. The survey reported that 65% of Americans believe homeownership is a good financial investment. Since 2014, the percentage has increased by over nine percent.The Fed’s survey also showed that when the results are broken down by age, education, income, or region … Continued

The Top 5 Questions Real Estate Agents In Brentwood Are Asked

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, before you sign the contract to work with a particular agent, you need to know quite a bit about that agent. You are, after all, entering into a reciprocal relationship, and there must be a good fit, an alignment of goals and methods. And you gather that … Continued

Evaluating Your Moving Costs in Brentwood

When it comes time to move, most of us have to budget carefully. But we can’t work up any kind of budget till we get a handle on the moving costs. There are, of course, a ton of smaller items involved in a move that will add to the cost, things such as boxes, tape, … Continued

8 Tips To DIY Your Move In Brentwood

Okay, so you’re planning to move . . . and want to save some money. You won’t do it by hiring a moving company – you’ll save only time and energy. The average cost for a long distance move using a moving company is about $4,300, based on an average weight of 7,400 pounds and … Continued